Where the Wild Things Are

Nintendo DS

Based on one of the most beloved children's books of all time and one of the most anticipated movies of 2009, Where the Wild Things Are takes players on an exciting action-filled adventure across the mysterious island of the Wild Things.

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» Features

    • Play as Max: Run, jump, climb and swing your way across the island's dangerous terrain while battling fierce creatures with your trusty scepter. Collect a variety of special items and "power-ups" to gain new abilities and over come obstacles as you play through a story-driven narrative.
    • The Wild Things: On your journey you'll befriend and team up with these fearsome but lovable mythical creatures, discovering their unique personalities and learning new abilities from them to overcome obstacles and continue on your way. At any time, players can return to the Wild Things Village, to play through a variety of mini games, start dirt-clod fights and have a rumpus of a good time.
    • Explore a Mysterious Island: Journey across the hostile island of the Wild Things filled with fierce creatures and hazardous obstacles around every corner. Go beyond the movie to play through unique story narrative inspired by the book and film. Explore never-before-seen environments as you work together with the Wild Things to find a way to safety before it's too late.

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