Vacation Isle

Nintendo Wii

Take a summer vacation in your living room . Power on your Wii™ and enter a tropical paradise where you can enjoy exciting water-based sports and other activities using either the Wii Balance Board or standard remote. Compete against your family and friends in everything from water skiing to surfing and fire or hula dancing.

» Features

    • Eight Unique Vacation-Style Games: Slalom Skiing, Hula Dancing, Wake Boarding, Surfing, Stand Up Paddling, Ski Distance Jumping, Fire Dancing and Water Stunt Park.
    • Wii Balance Board: User your whole body to play or use the Wii remote instead.
    • Four-Player Party: Challenge your friends for the best times/scores or have them join the fun in co-op Play modes.
    • Character Customization: Over 20 unique character profiles to choose from.
    • Earn Sand Dollars: Used to unlock customizable features and hidden levels.

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