The Clique game

Nintendo DS

The Clique: Diss and Make Up is a videogame for the Nintendo DS based on the immensely popular book series, The Clique by author Lisi Hararison. The videogame features all of the characters from the book as well as a few new ones.
As the new girl at Octavian Country Day School, the player must make friends, go to class and increase her popularity in an effort to join the ultimate clique, The Pretty Committee. Along the way, the player takes on a variety of challenges including a series of fun mingames that help the player make cash for new looks. Just like the books, the game features a fun style, Clique lingo and sticky situations girls are sure to love!

» Features

    • Become a GLU! (Girls like us) Develop your character and become immersed in the gossip centric activities happening at Octavian Country Day School.
    • Rise through the ranks and create your own clique or become an LBR (Loser Beyond Repair). It's all up to you!
    • Look Ah-dorable! Create your gal with her own signature look!
    • Play mini-games and earn funds to buy hot new fashions to boost your popularity at school.

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