Batman Brave and the Bold

Nintendo DS

Join forces to uphold justice, avenge villainy and pound on bad guys in the all-new adventure game featuring the caped crusader and more than a dozen superhero friends in their ongoing battle to clean up the mean streets of Gotham City. Test your bravery! Test your boldness, as you and Batman journey together to alien planets, slog through mysterious swamplands, slink through abandoned underground cities and discover remote high-tech island laboratories – all in pursuit of the meanest, most menacing supervillains ever to inhabit the DC Universe.

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» Features

    • Play alongside your friends as one of five iconic DC heroes, and jump into any of 10 additional playable heroes that appear at key exciting moments throughout the game.
    • Explore 20 challenging levels of play and test your versatility across five vast, diverse worlds, including Gotham City, the Swamplands, Science Island, Old London and Alien Planets.
    • Unlock awesome gadgets like Batarangs, Plasma Swords and Flash Grenades to accomplish your missions, then go back and replay previous levels with your cool new tools.
    • Link your Wii and DS versions to unlock even more additional content and multiply your replay possibilities.
    • Encounter multiple recurring villains woven throughout the story on each level, just as in the television show, to heighten the challenge and enhance your ability to experience the world of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

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